Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Patrick Breitenbach

Rethinking university content & communication

We, as Karlshochschule, are not only rethinking management. We try to rethink nearly everything. Even university itself. We are a private university and a nonprofit organisation. Our students pay. We serve. Or we try our best to serve well because in such a transparent world, with all this chitter-chatter going on, you need to act and communicate as people are willing to see and expect to experience you, as a brand or whatever. The best strategy for (nearly everything you want to do) is: Just walk your talk. So if you want to tell great stories, you have to make them really happen. And this is the strategy my friends and I at Karlshochschule try to follow. Some of the things and stories are visible already - other things are planned to be done. I may give you a sneak preview in my talk and I try to explain what a sustainable and longlasting content strategy might need.


Patrick Breitenbach, Karlshochschule International University